Can you compare your online business with the store
down the street,Your Online Business...Just Like Any Other Business...Almost! Articles or around the corner? Yes, you can!

The basic difference, of course, is that you do your
selling on the Internet, and the local stores sell from –
well, stores. Kind of obvious, isn’t it?

They have merchandise. You have merchandise They
sell to customers that come into their stores, and you
sell to customers that come to your web site.

Which proves…? That you BOTH need customers.

But, they do have a very distinct advantage over those
of us on the Internet, although a small one. They have
a store building that sits out in the open for all passersby
to see. We, however, need to advertise in order to
bring customers in, because we do not have a ‘store
front’ for all to see.

Either way we do business, we all need to advertise!

Our advantage is of being able to advertise for FREE,
using ezines, sig files, etc., and reach masses of
people easily, and quickly.

Do they have competition like we do? Of course. They
sell bread, and the store around the corner sells bread.

Take the grocery stores, for instance. How many are in
your neighborhood, all selling much of the same food
goods? That’s called ‘competition’, and we all have
to face it, one way or another, at some time. Right?

Does one stop selling bread’, just because the guy
around the corner also sells bread? NO!

Do we stop selling a particlular item online, just
because others are also selling it online?


Businesses are built on competition, and our
online businesses are no different.

If a certain piece of merchandise you sell is not
moving well, maybe it is time to replace it. But
NOT just because others also sell it.

By Haadi