Commercial car insurance offers protection for the business vehicles. If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, you need to buy fleet insurance. The number of vehicles covered in the fleet insurance differs from various insurance companies. Fleet insurance is cheaper compare to personal automobile. Commercial auto insurance does not offer protection for personal auto insurance policy. If your company own vehicles, you need to purchase insurance because of the requirement set by the motor vehicles department.

The motor vehicles department requires commercial vehicles to have liability insurance.

Commercial vehicles don’t have to report their insurance policies to the state department. However, the proof of insurance carried by the commercial vehicles must state that it is one of the company owned vehicles. The proof of insurance carried by drivers of commercial vehicles doesn’t need to state the number plate of the vehicle.

When buying commercial automobile insurance, companies will be asked to list the name of drivers. The company will check the driving records of the drivers. If one of the drivers has bad driving record, the insurance company will increase the premium cost. Some insurance companies will reject the application of the insurance policy.

Besides fleet policies, there are commercial auto policies that are designed for smaller fleets. Commercial auto insurance polices that cover smaller fleets of vehicles usually only cover certain types of vehicles. You will have to ask the insurance company about the type of vehicles that are supported by the insurance policy. If you have an insurance agent, you must provide him information about the vehicle fleet including the types of vehicles, engine size, weight and etc.

By Haadi