Therefore, it goes without saying that you must put maximum emphasis on choosing the perfect wedding photographers in Maui. Now if you thought finding the perfect husband was tough, try finding the perfect wedding photographer amongst the 10,000 wedding photographers in Maui (according to reports). The way you would like your wedding to be captured depends on how far your vision matches with that of your photographer.

Things you need to say no to
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Over the years, there would have been a surge of articles citing the things to do in order to secure the best Maui wedding photography for your wedding. In this article we mention five such aspects that must not play a part in determining the wedding photographer. Five factors you shouldn’t be influenced by while choosing your wedding photographer.


  1. Number of weddings the studio shoots in a year: – Okay, we all are in favor of experience. You do not want a rookie to be shooting your wedding, using it as a learning curve. On the other hand, busier is not essentially always better. A studio shooting 100 plus weddings in a week is either uses hired photographers to fill in or shoots back to back events on weekends. Such a heavy workload can easily make the photographer de-motivated in your wedding. An associate they have hired to fill in might not be as talented as the studio workers. You need to ensure that you know exactly who is holding the camera on your special day and if he is worth all the money and responsibility.
  2. Do not jump for heavy discounts: – Never let a heavy discount be the determining factor for a wedding photographer. Always remember that the correct photographer can make your budget dress look stunning whereas a budget photographer can turn your big label dress into trash. Although we do not have anything against wedding photographers in Maui offering huge discounts we just don’t think it is a worthy determining factor.
  3. Do not go with the venue recommended photographer: – The venue of your wedding has their own recommendation of wedding photographers more often than not. And more often than not those wedding photographers are amateur rookies paying a hefty commission to the venue in favor of the recommendation. Although there are venues offering genuine recommendations because they do not want any average photos of their venue getting floated on the Internet it is very hard to distinguish them.

By Haadi