• Interior design is a lot more than just choosing colours, lightning and selecting fabrics. It is more about changing people’s lives and improving their way of living in general, including everything from choosing wall colours and textures to lighting, fabrics, furniture, decor items, and accessories. Everything that transforms a space from dull to soul-soothing that relieves a person’s tension of the day is the job of an interior designer. It is a highly creative and multifaceted field that keeps a person engaged and on their toes.
  • In order for an interior designer to execute their task efficiently, they must have up-to-date knowledge of current changes in the field. In order to do that, they must first have proper fundamental course details so that they can effectively transform lives.
  • With the rise of the real estate sector in India, there is also a rise in the interior decoration sector, since more and more people opt to design their homes tastefully and artistically. Because of this rise in demand, there are many businesses and career opportunities for all the interior decorators.
  • It is not only the new home buyers that hire an interior decorator; there are many other home-owners that look at renewing their homes and office spaces to make their living quarters and working conditions versatile and agile according to the changing times.
  • Believe it or not, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, bars, discos, motels, and malls, as well as small shops and showrooms, also require interior designers. As special or unique the job is, as handsome is the payment attained from those jobs. This field offers freedom of experimenting and creating new and innovative spaces as well as executing innovative ideas. Every job is unique in its own way. This provides certain satisfaction in complementing every job and that’s the fun of being a notable interior designer.
  • As an interior designer, an individual comes across many challenges. Sometimes, there is a vast space, while other times, there is only a tiny place that needs all sorts of stuff in it. Every room in the house itself is unique and so is the case with all the locations. That offers a tantalizing challenge that keeps the job interesting enough. A daily routine is always interesting and challenging for anyone involved in the interior designing field.




  • All the above mentioned are the physical aspects of the job. There are many other perks to the job that involves technology and desk work. It may sound dull, but it is not so. There are various softwares like Corel Draw and many others that help in creating 3D models and more visual models that help in designing better spaces.
  • Some of the game developers that produce decorating games or building layouts, they also require good interior designers that can develop a game design. This job is more like a glorious desk job of the same challenging field. Conventional designing is one thing, but anyone who can create unique spaces gets more attention.
  • Renowned designers get bigger projects internationally. Some people who prefer freelancing can also work at leisure from the comforts of their own home while easily enjoying family life and fun time with friends.
  • The job requires good connections, and therefore, having good communication skills is a must. Every interior designer has to deal with clients, dealers, goods suppliers, others in the fraternity and their own employees. Therefore, dealing with every different set of people requires a different skill set.

By Haadi