Planning a visit to Monterrey,Top 5 Things To Do While On Vacations To Monterrey, Mexico Articles Mexico? Vacations to Monterrey offer plenty of exciting things to do, whether you want to explore mountains, experience culture or simply wander around the local park. Here’s a list of the top five things to do in Monterrey. Visiting these sites can help ensure that your vacations aren’t ones that won’t be forgotten.

Visit Planetario Alfa

If the stars and space are where your interests lie, check out the Planetario Alfa. The museum has an IMAX theater that features different movies depending on the time of the year, as well as exhibits that feature ancient art from Mexico, an aviary, a prehistoric garden, as well as a soft children’s play area. The observatory is the largest public observatory in northeastern Mexico with two main telescopes for visitors to use.

Check Out Grutas De Garcia

You might not think of caves when you think of Mexico, but Grutas de Garcia offers some of the most stunning natural rock formations in the area. If possible, take a gondola ride or ride the funicular to the top of the mountain for the best views. The caves are a constant 66 degrees, which means they’re cool inside. Some people may want to bring a sweater to stay warm as they explore these caves that are more than 50 million years old.

Don’t Miss Catedral Metropolitana De Nuestra Senora de Monterrey

If you want to see one of the area’s most beautiful cathedrals, pay a visit to Catedral Metropolitana De Nuestra Senora de Monterrey. This is a 17th century cathedral took builders more than 150 years to complete. While the exterior is impressive, inside visitors can see a number of different paintings that span from the colonial period to the 19th century. It’s located in the city’s Gran Plaza.

Visit Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

Modern art comes alive at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. While there are static exhibits, the museum also offers a number of traveling exhibits, which means that there’s something new to see even if you’ve visited the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo before. Admission costs 70 pesos (about $5 USD), while children, teachers, students and seniors can get in for just 40 pesos. Visits on Wednesdays are free and there is free parking available.

By Haadi