Gone are the days when travel management software was a luxury that was only used by the medium to large Enterprises. Today, every business big and small need to invest in travel management software in order to effectively manage the travel plans of their employees. As businesses go global and they have their offices in different countries and cities, it becomes necessary for employees to travel from one location to another for meetings, client meets, and market visits.

There are many benefits that a travel management software offer a business. One may wonder what exactly is the function of a travel management software. To begin with, it is the software that can be used to manage trips, raise travel requests, make bookings and generate reports on travel history of the employees of the organisation.

The good news for companies is that today there are quite a few good travel management software available in the market today. Some of them are The Digital HRMS, People Apex and Keka, and these new age software come with the most advanced features that Enterprises would need. Given below are the top 5 features one must look for when choosing a travel management software for their business requirements.

1] Bookings Made Easy

One of the primary features that a travel management software should have today, is easy bookings. With so many people visiting different places for office trips, managing the travel records and streamlining the entire process can be a challenge. With easy booking features, it becomes easier to complete travel request in less time.

2] Scalability

This one is a common feature for all business software, because as the business grows and its requirements change, the software should be capable of adapting to the changing scenario and still give the best results. Most new age travel management software today prioritise scalability as an important feature.

3] Email Notifications

The entire process of creation of travel request, to its approval and closure, can be a lengthy one. Hence, some new age software like Digital HRMS, offers email notifications at every step of the approval of the travel request. This keeps everyone in the loop and helps in streamlining the process and make it faster. The email is sent to the relevant stakeholders after every step is completed.

By Haadi