For more than a decade,Things to be considered before buying drugs from an Online Pharmacy Articles buying prescribed drugs from an online pharmacy has been a convenient and cost-effective way for consumers to get their medicines. And ordering prescription from online pharmacy saves time and money in comparison of buying the same product from local pharmacy. At the same time, a reliable online pharmacy provides detailed information about the drugs it sells (including potential side effects and precautions), and protects the identity of the buyer. Through online pharmacy you can get all this benefit without leaving your house.

If you’re looking for an online pharmacy that you can trust to fill your online prescription responsibly and at the lowest cost, here are some handy tips to keep in mind:

* Look for a free online consultation: Before placing your online prescription order, check to see if the online pharmacy offers a free consultation. We recommend using an online pharmacy that has UK-licensed doctors and/or pharmacists available to answer any questions you might have.

* Additional information: Choose an online pharmacy that provides you with ample information about the drug you’re interested in ordering. If some information is missing or unclear, you should clarify any questions with the online pharmacy’s licensed pharmacist or physician before ordering. Most online pharmacies offer a toll free phone line and email accessibility.

* Do your research: Whether buying your first online prescription or re-ordering, it pays to do some research on the prices and services offered by more than one online pharmacy. Compare shipping methods and fees, customer service options, costs for the same medication, additional fees, and anything else that’s important to you as a consumer.

* Play it safe: According the FDA, there are certain drugs that should not be purchased through an online pharmacy. Avoid any online pharmacy that claims to sell these restricted drugs.

* Check the price: Compare online pharmacy prices with prices at your neighborhood drugstore before ordering an online prescription. Also, be wary of online pharmacies that advertise ridiculously low prices; they could very well be selling counterfeit and dangerous products even if their website claims they are brand name products.

* Watch out for counterfeits: To avoid fake, counterfeit and/or potentially risky products, use an online pharmacy that sells only FDA-approved medicines. It also helps to be aware of the appearance of the drug you are ordering. If you are familiar with the drug’s manufacturer, color, packaging and shape, then you will be better informed about your online order.

* Check the details: Before clicking the “buy” button for your online prescription, be certain you have correctly specified the drug you want as well as the correct dosage and quantity.

* Seek security: When you place an order for an , you will typically be required to provide personal information such as your medical history, credit card number and other details. Be sure that the online pharmacy you use offers secure transactions that protect your privacy.

* Avoid ordering from offshore online pharmacies: One of the risks of ordering an online prescription through a non-UK pharmacy is that you may not be getting the same product that you would get through an online pharmacy based in the UK. The FDA’s quality and safety standards exceed those of other countries. They help ensure that the medicine you purchase will be authentic and safe to use. When you order from an offshore online pharmacy, you have a much higher risk of getting a fake version of the drug, which could do you more harm than good. In addition, the safety or usage information that accompanies the product may be printed in a foreign language or contain errors.

By Haadi