Are you the Lone Ranger of your home-based business?


Some home businesses run perfectly well under the Lone Ranger approach,¬†especially if they’re intended to provide a supplemental income or to provide a few extra dollars while supporting a hobby.

If however, your goal is to build a home business that allows you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, bigger toys, travel, extraordinary experiences and thrilling adventures, the Lone Ranger approach won’t make it happen.

I’ve always been puzzled by why the Lone Ranger chose that handle anyway. After all, he was never alone. He had Tonto as his trusted partner and without him he wouldn’t have been the hero he was.

And when you think about it, have you ever come across a true-to-life “self-made” millionaire?


In order to achieve business success, more than one mind, more than one set of hands and more than one history of experiences and perceptions must be brought together.

One plus nothing creates mediocrity.

And one plus one does not equal two.

When two minds come together they create a third, more powerful mind.

And when more than two minds are brought together, quantum leaps occur.


By surrounding yourself with a strong support system of other minds, you save time, energy and money by learning shortcuts that help you simplify your business and increase your profits.

True entrepreneurs are ambitious by nature and need a lot of support. Big undertakings are emotional journeys with dramatic highs and lows and by putting challenges on the table for examination with others, the emotional charge is reduced and more clarity is created.

By surrounding yourself with others with various experiences, insights, skills and characteristics, you benefit from a variety of perspectives that you may never have produced on your own.

Networking is an excellent arena to initiate business relationships, share leads and contacts, and it allows you to explore possibilities.

However, participating in a mastermind group is the powerhouse that fuels tremendous growth and support.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, studied more than 500 highly successful individuals over a period of 29 years, and discovered that no successful person achieved greatness alone.

Every high achiever is surrounded by people who help, advise, encourage, challenge and push them to be better than they could ever be on their own.

If you find yourself alone on your business journey and if you’re not enjoying the success you know is possible, multiply your perceptions, options and results by creating a success team. Partner with a coach or mentor, attend networking events, and most importantly, join or form a mastermind group.

Bid farewell to the Lone Ranger and invest quality time into either finding an existing group or creating one on your own.

The sooner you take this powerful step forward, the sooner you will enjoy the rich rewards the mastermind provides.

2007 © Laurie Hayes РThe HBB Source

By Haadi