WoW Hunter Pet Guide – Caster Pets For The Hunter Class

In your quest to find the best WoW Hunter pet you will want to avoid using Caster pets. Caster pet are bad because their stat growth is inferior. Instead of having a pets essential Strength and Stamina stats,The Best World of Warcraft Hunters Pet Guide Part 2 Articles Caster pets use the unnecessary High Spirit and Intellect stats. There are a couple of ways to identify a Caster pet. If they have any magical abilities or they have a “Mana Bar” prior to taming them, it is most likely a Caster pet.

Now that you have had a brief overview of the pets available to the WoW Hunter class, let us study the two standard and most popular types of pets, the tank pets or the DPS Pets. In case you want or need your pet to do various things, perhaps the strongest selection for you is to go for the well-rounded pets, which are more generalized in their abilities and functions. Bears and boars are by far the strongest choice for Tanking. As boars and bears are easier to feed, they appear to be mere common Hunter’s pets. For Tanking, if you are looking for a pet with great endurance, then choosing a turtle sounds like a good idea.

Cats are thought to be the best overall selection when selecting a Hunters pet for DPS or fighting ability. The reasons why cats make the most powerful and best WoW Hunter’s pet is because they can master several powers rather quickly, they are easier to feed and can damage enemies in various and innovative ways. In addition to cats, you could also pick out ravagers, owls, wind serpents and spiders for fighting abilities, although my own personal favorite killing machines are raptors. Raptors will rip the face right off your enemy, chew it up and spit it out. So, if you’re feeling especially gory, raptors are the way to go.

Now, talk briefly about a very important subject regarding your World of Warcraft Hunter‘s pets. What I want to talk about is the maintenance of your pets. Let me start by saying “Pets require a lot of maintenance.” It’s your job to keep your pet happy and to keep your pet happy you are going to need to keep it well fed, continuously level them up and teach them new skills. Not only will this plan of attack keep your pet happy, but it will also benefit you as well with a well trained and more powerful pet.

By Haadi