The OC photography industry is extremely competitive. There are virtually no barriers to entry. All a person needs is a business license a digital camera and a computer. Given all this competition, in order to survive and thrive a photographer needs to be an excellent at marketer. This article offers some suggestions on how a photographer can enhance his marketing efforts.

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First, a Laguna Beach photographer should not forget about his current and past clients. These are people who have already booked a session and paid for the service you provide. They obviously found your services and products to be valuable. Stay in contact with these people and win their repeat business. This can be done in a number of ways. Send out a monthly email newsletter; keep a database with their contact information and dates of special occasions; become their friend on facebook and tag them when you have a new offer or picture to share.

In addition a photographer needs to market to new potential clients. There are a number of effective ways in which this can be done:

Setup a dynamic website and perform some search engine optimization on the site. A website is uniquely suited to photographers. Most products and services can only be described or shown on the website. Clients can actually experience the work of a professional photographer over a website. A photographer should consider doing enough SEO work to rank high on the name of the town in which he is operating.

Get involved in the community. A photographer who offers his services to be auctioned off for charity will get his name out in the community, establish some good will and contribute to a good cause.


Setup displays in various local businesses. This is a win for both the photographer and the local business. The photographer gets additional exposure to his work. The local business gets free fine art for the decoration of their establishment. Hair salons, restaurants, and children clothing stores are examples of establishments that might be happy to have an upgrade in their decorations using your artwork.

An Orange County photography business requires a talent, work and marketing. The above suggestions will help a photographer market effectively.

By Haadi