After a decade or so of haphazard evolution,Strategy Implementation by Human Resources Articles it can probably at last be said that Human Resources, that ambiguous child of marketing and capitalism, has finally gotten his ungainly legs beneath him. The HR department has always been a point of some confusion, as companies struggle to discover the best ways in which to utilize such a vague, if obviously valuable, tool. Trial and error have gradually allowed HR to carve its niche in the business world; in recent years, HR has proven itself especially useful in the innovative development of organizational strategy. The time has come, however, for Human Resource professionals to push past the strategy-development phase and put their plans into action. The implementation of strategy is a key element of business success, and HR authorities are uniquely positioned to pioneer the realization of such strategies.

And why, exactly, HR? To begin with, unlike any other constituent of an organization, Human Resources is extensive, inter-departmental, and involved throughout the company; the nature of HR is to interact with and understand the processes of the business as a whole. Furthermore, the implementation of a business strategy intrinsically demands cooperation with the human work force, and whose domain is that? – Human Resources, of course. Lastly, the specific arsenal of skills necessary to strategy implementation is native to those people working in HR: similar tools for similar tasks, in a manner of speaking.

The notion of “strategic HR” is common enough – certainly a plethora of books, articles, Internet publications, and the like exists to spur HR professionals towards strategizing their business management. A great deal of progress has been made along this trend, but the fact of the matter is that much of this strategy development remains strictly conceptual; very little ground is being gained in terms of actual organizational change. Strategy, in order to be effective, must naturally be implemented. If a business is to change, people must drive the wheels of that change, and that is where HR’s true role comes into play.

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