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BLISSATURN acknowledges emotions attached to jewelry and constantly endeavors to create traditions for tomorrow. We capture moments with jewelry. Our collection blesses babyhood, romances youth, assures maturity and sparkles all.

BLISSATURN jewels have an exotic love affair with Europe, they showcase dreamy flamboyance. Pamper oneself with poetry of jewels reflecting streaks of intense love, desire, gorgeousness and magnificence.

Our intricate Meenakari, Jadau and Kundan work is an idyllic exposition of tryst with multicultural India. BLISSATURN ornaments showcase ethnic influences articulating realism and essence of assorted eras. Inherit aristocracy with BLISSATURN brilliance.

We are highly inspired by distinctive aesthetics of Americans and their natives and have used turquoise, mother of pearl and shells greatly in our collection. We have also imbibed verve and splendor of African beaded jewelry in exquisite range. Universal impressions have provided subtleness, colors and eclectic charm to jewels.




BLISSATURN is a designated jewelry mogul. Our dedication and forethought has led us to be noted manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of supreme quality sterling silver, gold and fashion jewelry. Our spectacular styles and expertise have found enthusiasts around the globe.

Our product portfolio includes exclusively designed and crafted jewelry in 925 sterling silver, 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold with natural and created gemstones, diamonds, freshwater pearls and Swarovski quality Crystals.

With astounding technical expertise and striking design ability, BLISSATURN has deemed jewelry an affordable indulgence. We aspire to adorn every person with jewels

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