It is Saturday morning and you are looking forward to a trip to the lake. Then, you remember the “honey do” list you wrote for yourself yesterday. The top item is HANG UP POT RACK! It had been a week since your order had arrived from Pot Rack Place, and you had excitedly torn open the packing materials toreveal the shiny bronze ceiling mounted French scroll rack.

“Now,” you exclaimed, “I can get this kitchen organized!” After a week of cursing at the box, which seemed to migrate around the floor of the living room of its own accord, HANG UP POT RACK had catapulted to the top of the list. But, how would you successfully attack this project? Successfully was the key word, as the steps you took brought you to this nice hospital and constitutute

“The Top Ten Ways NOT to Hang a Pot Rack”.

1) Let me take a quick look around the kitchen to decide where I want to hang the rack. I guess it could go just about anywhere and, let’s see, this spot looks nice over the sink.

No, no, no, no! Before you even purchase a rack, measure the distance between the ceiling joists where you want it to hang. All pot racks, ceiling fans, and chandeliers must be secured to joists. Knowing this distance will help you choose to correct size pot rack.

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If you have new construction, this can easily be planned before the ceiling is installed. If you already have a ceiling surface, such as sheetrock, find the wood and joists by using a stud finder or experiment by tapping small nails in the area of the ceiling where your ceiling hooks will be installed. If the ceiling joists are not where you decide to hang the rack, and you have access to the attic above the ceiling area, you can nail additional 2 x 4 brace supports between your ceiling joists, where needed, so that the hooks are fixed to wood in all locations. If you decide on a place without wood ceiling joists, you will need to use dry wall toggles and screws.

2) This is really a one person project and I can do it myself before lunch!

No, no, no, no! Installing a brand new pot rack will occupy about half a day, for someone who is reasonably handy or experienced. If that is not you, get help from a friend or contractor. By yourself, this project could be a disaster and take all day, or longer.

3) There are hardly any parts. I certainly don’t need directions. In fact, I think I threw them out when I opened the box.

By Haadi