Breastfeeding Personalities
One evening a group of veteran breastfeeding couples were sharing stories about their babies/ nursing nuisances. Amused by the survivors’ accounts,Nursing Nuisances, Challenges, and Funny Things That Happen On The Way To The Breast. Articles one father quipped, “Let’s give names to these little suckers.” And here they are.

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The Marathoner
How many times have we heard mothers complain, “All he wants to do is eat”? In the early months expect your baby to have frequency days, when he wants to feed continuously and you feel that you are getting nothing else done. Your baby is going through a growth spurt, which occurs typically around three weeks, six weeks, three months, and six months, with smaller spurts in between. Your baby is obeying the law of supply and demand: The more he sucks, the more milk you produce, and the better he grows. Also, your baby may be going through a high-need period in which he needs a day or two of frequent feeding and holding as he becomes adjusted to life outside the womb. Here are some survival tips:

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Hazel and Fawn

* During high-need days, temporarily shelve all outside commitments that may drain your energy. Your baby is a baby only a very short time, and no one’s life is going to be affected if the housework doesn’t get done on time. Mothers become burned out, not so much because of the demands of their baby, but because of too many other family expectations and commitments and because they are not being nurtured themselves.

* Be sure your baby is getting mostly milk at each feeding and not a lot of air, otherwise as soon as she burps up the air she will be hungry again. Burp her well as you pass from one breast to the other and after feeding. (see burping suggestions, in a forthcoming article.)

* Attempt to get more of your hindmilk into your baby to satisfy her longer. Allow baby to finish the first breast before switching her to the other side. Try double feeding and other techniques for improving your milk supply.


By Haadi