Nature produces the most intriguing life-forms. We are normally aware of the animal, insect, and plant kingdoms–these we come across and interact with in our every day life and are perceptible to the senses; other creatures are too microscopically small for us to perceive with our naked eyes, these are the bacteria, germs, etc. Other life-forms not too commonly found are the transitions between the plant and animal kingdoms: “plant-like” animals and “animal-like” plants. Zoologically, they exist as microbes and also are to be found in abundance on a larger scale in the oceans and seas such as the polyps, sea-anemones, star-fishes, etc.

Hidden in the tropical jungles of South America and Asia are many plant species with unusual animal characteristics and mobile powers not possessed by the lesser evolved plants. We know of some of the more cultivated types such as the “Venus fly-trap” and the Mimosa.

In the recesses of the tropical jungles and rain-forests of Kalimantan (Borneo) of the Indonesian archipelago, exists a strange type of grass that the local Dayak natives of the Kubu and Kaharingan tribes call “Bulu Perindu,” or “hair that causes longing.” It is not known whether this grass has been classified and given a Latin name by botanists even in the face of its popularity among the occultists of Indonesia. Sometimes in the hollow of bamboo stems are found strands of bamboo fibre connected to the base and top and this is called “Bamboo Perindu”–not to be confused with the Bulu Perindu. In appearance the Bulu Perindu grass resembles a black strand or string. It has a broad base and tapers-off at its other end which may be golden-brown in color.

The Bulu Perindu grass possesses strange qualities–for one, they wriggle and move when placed on the palm of the hand or when warm ashes are strewn all over them. They are evidently heat sensitive; however, cold water is also able to vivify them. Immerse them in water for a few seconds and then put them on a clean, flat surface and watch them wriggle like a bunch of worms!

By Haadi