Lady Gaga’s single “Born this Way” was released on February 11, 2011 and was instantly criticized for its resemblance to Madonna’s song “Express Yourself” from 1989. Some argued that Lady Gaga owes Madonna some kind of compensation for this resemblance. Gaga then went on the Jay Leno Show and was asked to express her opinion about all the chatter regarding her new single. She informed the public she is a huge Madonna fan and that Madonna supports the single “Born this Way” completely and does not have a problem with how close it sounds to “Express Yourself.”

Gaga’s single “Born This Way” is an upbeat, energetic song about loving yourself and being comfortable with who you are. It has a strong religious connection but can also be very influential to those who are unsure of their religious beliefs. The song speaks a powerful message to all those who are a different colour, different race, different sexual orientation, or just different in general. It is an encouraging song to help people see themselves for who they are and be okay with that because they were “born this way.” Through this song, Gaga expresses her beliefs in such a powerful and moving way.

Lady Gaga’s third album, also called “Born this Way” will be released on May 23, 2011. Gaga says that this is her best album to date and she has put a lot of effort into it. The album will have close to twenty songs, all written by Lady Gaga herself throughout the 2010 year. When speaking of the differences between this album and her other albums, Gaga says that this album has a more theatrical approach to it, revealing the true power and range in her vocal instrument. Some songs will have a bit of a techno feel to it as well. It will be the same Lady Gaga, but with new innovative music with a very powerful message.

Lady Gaga has definitely changed the world with her music. People all over the world look up to her for a better sense of self-confidence, motivation, and inspiration. She has made a true difference in so many people’s lives and it is a major reason why she is so loved. With the release of her newest single “Born this Way”, I have a pretty good feeling that many more people will begin to see what a talented young woman Lady Gaga is.

By Haadi