For each organ of the human body there is a herb that outshines all others in its ability to assist that organ when it is diseased. Juniper berries are magic when it comes to the kidney and urinary tract system. I say magic because I have seen it at work and its power to heal the urinary tract system is so powerful and fast that it seems magical. I have seen the power of this herb help many people but the most impressive case I ever saw was a woman (a registered nurse) who had been suffering from urinary tract infections for more then 3 years. She was on antibiotics and had suffered 2 renal failures when I met her. Along with some naturopathic advice on life style I left her with some whole juniper berries. I suggested she take about a half dozen berries 3 times a day and consider that she stop taking the antibiotics.

I got a call 2 days later. She was beside herself because the infection was gone. She could hardly believe that after all those years of suffering that taking a few berries three times a day could stop this infection so quickly. This experience changed that woman’s life. The last I heard from her she was studying naturopathic medicine.

But you can see what I am getting at; this berry is a wonderful herb that has the ability to help those who are suffering needlessly with what appears to be an incurable problem. This berry is just a food that has antibiotic and antiviral properties with no side effects.

I do not want to leave you with the impression that I believe in treating a symptom with an herb. Treating symptoms is modern medicine’s way of treating disease. As I said above I gave the nurse advice on changing her lifestyle as well as taking juniper berries. If you only treat the symptom you leave the root of the disease to appear somewhere else with more power. So look at your life style that is the root of your urinary problem.

Some Juniper Berry Tips:If you are taking medication, always check the contraindications of that drug (those things you do not want to take with the medication, such as lithium).

A whole juniper berry that you buy from the health

By Haadi