Web hosting is one of those things that can make or break your entire website. While many companies devote tireless hours to designing the perfect website, most pay very little attention to their web hosting provider. Unfortunately this can be a disastrous mistake.


You may understand that the web host that you choose gives you the space that your site requires online. If that is all that you know about it then you may not realize how important the choice of a host is and all the other things that they do to keep your website going.

One of the biggest things that your web host will do for your site is make sure that it has the basic functions that it needs to have visitors. If you have someone going through your website searching for items or info they will need to navigate the pages. If these pages take forever to load, it may cause the site to time out. Basically it is annoying and you will lose customers over it.

Uptime will mean a lot to repeat business too. If your site is only up for 85% of the time you will lose all the folks that try to check you out during all the time that your site is down. If you pay a bit more for a host that will keep you open 98% of the time you are much more likely to keep the people that try to get on because they will be able to, and not wander off.

It is of course important to look at all the other areas of web hosting as well. Web hosting also provides you with a set amount of space and while many allow you to pay a little extra for more space some web hosts don’t offer you this option. This is one of those things that you will want to assess prior to signing on with a particular company. Space will especially be important to those websites that rely on numerous pictures to display their products. Pictures can take up a lot of space in no time so if you are planning on using lo

By Haadi