A well formatted and perfect resume brings many job opportunities to you and helps you in finding your dream job. Your resume must include a few important things like your professional experience details, accomplishments, educational details and skills. It is the foremost document that any company receives from the applicant hence it must be perfect. To create the good impression on employer, you need to check the content, layout and font of the resume. First impression is last impression hence the first impression is crucial as employer gets many resumes everyday and just choose the ones, which catch their eyes. You can take the help of resume templates available for different job positions. Resume templates are helpful for people who do not know resume writing in an effective way.

Every resume must consist of the details that are given below

· Name and contact details

· Email address

· Objective of the applicant

· Educational Details

· Professional experience details

· Special interests

· Skills

· References (if asked by the employer)


Additional details can be included in your resume depending on the post that you are applying for and the situation.

Before referring any resume template for writing a resume, you should first understand what a resume template is. A resume template is given in a fixed format to give you a clear idea on how to form a resume. The style can be chosen according to the font and topic sequence used.

Resume templates are available in 3 different styles such as functional, contemporary and professional resume. But, resume templates can be even found as job specific or situation specific. Situation specific resumes are particularly designed to suit people in a particular situation like entry level resumes. Job specific resumes are those suitable to apply for a particular jot post like teacher resume.

By Haadi