Marketing is critical to the success of your baby food business. Here are some of the highpoints of the various marketing programs that we used during the initial launch of Sprouts Baby Food Inc. back in early 2006.

Public Relations Campaign

–Vehicle: Email press release; hand-deliver of media kits; phone calls to key targets.

–Media Kit: Cool box, birth announcement, press release, profiles, menus, etc.

–Goal: Awareness; Feature stories

–Target: Local newspapers (food editors, business editors), local TV, local radio.

Doctor Direct Mail Campaign

–Vehicle: Direct mail

–Letter, Brochure, Prescription pad w/ Sprouts info for patient

–Goal: Awareness; Get docs to refer patients to Sprouts

–Target: Pediatricians and Naturopaths

Midwife/Doula Awareness Campaign

–Vehicle: Email

–Goal: Awareness; Get midwives and doulas to refer patients to Sprouts

–Target: Area midwives and doulas.

Mommy Network Campaign

–Vehicle: Email

–Goal: Awareness; Drive people to our
website; New orders

–Target: Area mommy lists/online communities on Yahoo Groups.

Baby Diaper Service Bundle

–Vehicle: Flyer inserted into diaper delivery service bundles

–Goal: Awareness; New orders

–Offer: 20% discount on initial order

–Target: Select zip codes; 500+ individuals

By Haadi