The most important part of goal setting is knowing what you want the most in life. The most critical part will be to achieve them and layout a plan to accomplish your dreams.

Today you have 2 choices in front of you; either you decide to set your own goals and the journey will start,How to Set Your Own Goals Articles or you decide not to and you will soon realize that you have not achieved what you wanted.

I know it may sound somewhat ridiculous to set your own goals and a plan of action to achieve them but as time flies by you will soon realize that I WAS RIGHT.

Here is why: How can you possibly achieve something in life if you do not have a clear plan, a road map, a detail plan of action that tells you everything about achieving your goals? How can you possibly envision your future without a clear definition of how to achieve your dreams?

Goal setting is a standard technique used by top level athletes, and successful business people all around the world. Remember, you will not pay a price for setting goals. You will pay a price for not setting them. You can choose to get caught up in the everyday activity of your life without feeling a real sense of purpose in life or you can choose to accomplish something meaningful with your life.

By Haadi