This is a very important aspect of installation which determines the quality of viewing. While the size of your screen may influence the location of wall mounts, the ultimate location to install you flat screen TV rests with you.

Although you can easily watch an LCD TV from any location, you need to find out the best angle from which you can view the screen. The size of the room really matters during the installation process. Therefore, take time to check out the best angles from each of the four corners in your room. Thereafter, you can decide better whether you will go for a wall mount or classic stand method somewhere in a corner. Apparently, both have some advantages, and that’s why some people prefer one over the other and vice versa.

Anyway, those who opt for the wall mount will have to determine how they will mask the cabling. This is much easier to deal with when using a traditional floor stand. Of course, most cabinets allow you to conceal cables by tucking them or coiling them in the back section which is out of sight. The case is very different with the bracket system which has to raised or lowered without exposing the cabling.

Even so, the bracket is one of the best systems to use when you mount flat screen TV wall. To do this, you first have to pin-point the best place to fix the bracket, and thendrill holes, and fix the cables properly. Once on the wall, fasten your TV securely on the bracket and position it accordingly. Elaborate wall mounting designs will come with swivel, tilt, or raise and lower features will allow you to configure the best angle of viewing your screen. While they might be expensive, they are indeed worth every penny.

By Haadi