For most of us, our pets are considered extensions of our family. They are very much equitable to a one year old, mentally. They solely depend on their owner to make decisions for them to ensure their livelihood is a happy and safe one.

Part of that is realizing what characteristics make up the personality of a dog. Dogs, by nature, are very social animals, but they also need their space. Owners even need time away from their pets. A kennel will provide this much needed place where the dog can go rest.

The safety of your pet is of great importance. This kennel can provide peace of mind if you live in an area where animals are known to prowl. Also, if your dog is known to run away you may feel better knowing that you have a secure sanctuary provided for your furry friend.

A portable kennel is good for traveling, as well. When you need to take your pet to the vet or on a trip you will want to have them secure in your vehicle. With a place to enclose your dog you will feel better about their safety.

Make sure that the size of your dog matches the size of the kennel. You do not want to have this huge kennel for your little dog. On the other hand, you do not want it so small that your dog is unable to turn around. Manufactures of these contraptions list what breed will work for what size. You need to follow those guidelines.

Portable dog kennels are made of various materials. The options are usually wire, nylon, or plastic. Choose one that is sturdy and durable. The last thing you want is to find that your pet can break through it. You want to choose whatever is going to suit the needs of your pet.

Make sure that it will be easy to clean, as well. Dogs get dirty very easily. They run around and roll in mud. To minimize the work you will have to do in order to keep it clean it is a good idea to get something that can easily be hosed down.

You want your dog to be comfortable so that they will want to use it. When shopping around you should also consider how well ventilated it will be. Shade will also be important to factor into your decision making process. The more desirable the kennel is to your pet the more likely they will be willing to use it.

You can also build your own crate if you would like to. They are fairly easy to construct. Of course, you will need all the supplies and tools. Before you choose this option research it to make sure it is something that will be feasible for you to do yourself. If you know what you are doing this could be a cost effective way to get the kennel you want. If you do not then it could end up costing you more.

By Haadi