One of the most vital organs in the body is liver and it helps in food digestion, fat and cholesterol breaking down, absorption of nutrients, removal of harmful substances and toxins from blood, detoxifying blood, retaining sugar, iron and vitamins and transforming sugar in to working sugar, insulin and hemoglobin break down, transforming ammonia into urea and eliminating old red blood cells. Liver can repair itself naturally but consistent damage can result into worst conditions which may even cause death. Excess of cholesterol, fat, toxins, iron and attack from virus can lead to many issues in liver which can influence healthy functions of liver. Liver dysfunction elevates the risk of cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver and liver failure. Herbal supplements to reduce liver toxicity are the best solution to improve overall health.

Things responsible for liver damage:

1. Excess sugar consumption leads to fat build up in lover which eventually causes liver dysfunction and other diseases.

2. Swelling of liver because of additional fat tissues and cells in the organ and it may become scar because of weight increase. It can cause liver disease as well.

3. Excess of vitamin A consumption can affect day to day functions of liver.

Some indications of liver damage are:

1. Changes in skin: Skin color changes to yellow because of inappropriate liver functions. This organ fails to remove toxins and bilirubin starts to gather in skin.

2. Oversensitive or itchy skin: Epidermis gets very itchy and sensitive which causes skin inflammation.

3. Stool and urine changes: Color change in urine and stool is an indication of liver damage.

4. Changes in abdomen: A person feels gassy and painful sensation in abdominal region. Fluid starts to build up in abdominal area as the problem worsens.

5. Tiredness: A person experiencing liver problems also experiences tiredness, chronic fatigue and weakness.

By Haadi