Yes, GTA 6 will definitely come out. This was officially confirmed by Rockstar Games themselves.
How can I play Grand Theft Auto VI?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Grand Theft Auto VI yet, as it hasn’t been released. The game has a confirmed release window of 2025, but the exact date is still unknown.
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 Gameplay

Unfortunately, there’s no official gameplay footage of GTA 6 available yet as the game hasn’t been released. However, there have been leaks and rumors circulating online that provide some insight into what we can expect.

Here’s what we know about GTA 6 gameplay based on the available information:

Setting: The game is rumored to be set in a fictionalized version of Miami and its surrounding areas, potentially including the Everglades.

Characters: There are conflicting reports about the number of playable characters. Some sources claim there will be two protagonists, while others suggest the game will feature a single playable character.
Gameplay mechanics: GTA 6 is expected to retain the core open-world gameplay of previous GTA titles, allowing players to explore a vast world and complete various missions and activities. However, there are rumors of new features, including:
Dual-wielding weapons: This would allow players to fire two weapons simultaneously.
Improved stealth mechanics: This could include the ability to take cover and use takedowns.
More interactive environments: This could allow players to interact with the world in more ways, such as climbing buildings and swimming underwater.
Player customization: This could allow players to customize their character’s appearance and clothing in more detail.
Improved AI: This could make the game’s enemies more challenging and realistic.
Online component: GTA 6 is almost certain to have a large online component, similar to Grand Theft Auto Online. However, details about the online mode are still unknown.

By Haadi