There are many reasons why you may decide that the time has come to have a garage sale. If a move is in your near future and you own a lot of stuff that you no longer need and do not want to move then organizing a sale is very smart. Or maybe you are doing some long overdue housecleaning and have found items that you wish to get rid of that are still in good shape. Or perhaps you could use a little extra cash. Whatever your reasons such a sale can prove very rewarding and beneficial. While there is no hard and fast rule for having a garage sale it does take some forethought and some planning for it to be a success.

Whether you call it a garage sale,Garage Sale – Planning and Organizing Articles a yard sale or a rummage sale you first need to separate what will be placed for sale on the day in question and what will stay. Use this as an opportunity to go through every room in your home to find items that are suitable for the sale. The more stuff you can find the more money you have the potential to earn. As well the more variety you have to offer those who stop by the more likely you are to make more sales and to have satisfied customers!

Less clutter can be the desirable result of having such a sale. The more you can clear out, the more space you will have and this can bring a sense of peace as well as accomplishment. It is definitely something to smile about!

The day you choose to have the sale on is significant and can directly affect how successful it is. Weekends are best for these kinds of home sales. Saturdays are the ideal choice but Sundays are popular as well. Mornings are best. In fact the earlier the better. An ideal time for such a sale is from 8AM to 1PM. If eight is too early for you then 9AM to 2PM also works well. Bear in mind weather conditions as well. You might want to see if other people on your street wish to join in and you can have a street sale or neighborhood sale. This is likely to bring even more interested parties in your direction.

Advertise your sale by posting signs in your neighborhood or on local websites for your area. Place an ad in your newspaper and also spread the word in every way possible. Tell family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The more people you know the more people they each have the potential to tell. You might want to highlight certain items you are selling on your advertisements, such as baby clothes and baby toys or a large selection of books and DVDs.

Be as organized as possible when it comes to your garage sale. Put a price tag on every item and make sure you go to the bank the day before the sale to have plenty of change on hand. Make sure everything is sorted in a logical manner, such as boxes that contain books, DVDs, CDs, clothing, tools, seasonal items, etc. The easier it is to look the more likely you will sell more of your wares.

By Haadi