Just the creation of a website is not enough,Find Out the Meaning of Web Hosting as well as the Differences between Free and Lifetime Web Hosting Articles as without publishing it online the website is of no use. Herein is the role of the web host, which is a service provider who stores all the pages of the website and makes them accessible to computers, which are connected, to the Internet. Thus, Web Hosting is the business of providing services, storage, and connectivity that are necessary to help website files to become accessible to the world.

There are thousands of website hosting providers spread all over the Internet and range from individuals to corporations, all of whom offer various different kinds of Web Hosting plans. Two of such plans are the free website hosting and the Lifetime Web Hosting. There is a marked difference between the two plans since in the free web-hosting plan, the user gets free web space on the hosting server to build and host his website free. However, this is not the case in the Lifetime Host plan since the user has to make a one-time payment for the services of the provider and thereafter, he enjoys the services for a lifetime.


This one-time payment helps the web host provider to maintain it and thereby, offer quality services to the Lifetime Host user but since this payment is absent in the free plan, the user does not receive any kind of standard services. This is not all for in order to fund the free website hosting, the providers add advertisements in the form of banner, pop up, or text link in the websites hosted free. On the other hand, the website hosting providers do not add any kind of advertisements to websites, which using the Lifetime Web Hosting plan are hosted since the users have made a one-time payment for the services of the providers.

By Haadi