Searching for a job on the Internet should theoretically take a lot less time than it used to take in the old days before email and websites.. Right?

So how come so many people still seem to spend so long working on their job search these days?

Perhaps because so few of them have really thought about how to make best use of the resources at their fingertips! So here are a few secrets behind effective internet job searching that should enable you to do a little work, and then simply sit back and let the jobs find you!
Firstly, of course, you need to develop a totally exceptional resume! I highly recommend that you do not write it or format it yourself unless you have a great deal of expertise in this area – it is well worth investing in getting an expert to do it for you – on average the cost will be less than $100 and when you think that it could boost your annual salary by $10 – 50,000, or even that it could simply bring in your next job much more quickly – meaning that you get one extra month’s salary – surely the investment is well worth it!

I can highly recommend Kate Yandoh to write the content of your resume – it is amazing how her words can turn a pretty drab resume into one that shines at the top of a pile – and there are a number of very cheap services out there on the web that can format a resume for you, making it more presentable and effective.

Ensure that your resume contains a number of contact details enabling the potential recruiter to contact you via a number of means – by telephone during the day, by telephone at night, by email, by fax, etc. Make sure that this contact information is prominently placed at the top of your resume.

Think about the keywords you use within your resume. For example, the objective or title of your resume must match the title that the recruitment agent will later be searching for so try to ensure that you use the exact terminology that it is likely that the recruit

By Haadi