The wait to get Criminal Minds season 6 download or catch up with the show on TV, is finally over and I’m sure most of you fans must have already reveled in the season premiere. The season opened with the episode, “The Longest Night”, which began where the previous season ended, with the BAU team closing in on the serial killer, as he continued his killing spree all through LA. Criminal minds managed to have the adrenaline rushing through the viewers’ veins with the premiere of season 6.The crazed serial killer, played by Tim Curry, also referred to as the “Price of darkness” was extremely detestable. He had mastered the art of killing people during blackouts, and had the police on a look-out for him, after he killed a detective, raped his sister, and kidnapped his young daughter, Ellie. The season finale was quite a cliffhanger, which Minds Over Business left us wondering about what would happen to her. To see what happens next, you can now get a Criminal Minds season 6 download, so as to relish the show as per your convenient timings.Well, Darkness was seen taking Ellie as his hostage, and trying to make her his partner in homicide. He’s definitely one of the most dreadful criminals whom we’ve witnessed on Criminal Minds. His horrible hygiene is enough to make one cringe, and it’s actually creepy when we hear him telling Ellie that the question isn’t why he kills people, but rather why he doesn’t kill everyone. If that’s making the horror-freak in you quench for more, then catch up with the upcoming episodes of this season on your T.V.sets, or watch Criminal Minds season 6.The firing of JJ (A.J. Cook) has come as a shock to fans who can’t understand why the people behind the scenes have decided to do away with her. Especially considering the brilliant performances that we’ve seen in earlier episodes of the show, we definitely hope she didn’t have to leave. Infact, we hear that co-star Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia) hasn’t taken the decision too well. But all you fans don’t need to be distressed, since you can still catch her by downloading Criminal minds full episodes. Also be prepared for another shocker, with fellow BAU member Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) having a rather short role in this brand new season. But despite all these changes in the star cast of Criminal Minds, the season 6 premiere managed to live up to our expectations, making it worth a download. It definitely managed to reignite the spark that was caused by one of the show’s most memorable episodes, the Reaper-Hotch showdown. Incase you missed this brilliant season premiere, you can Watch Criminal Minds season 6 online, and be sure for a thrill.

By Haadi