The high-maintenance stage of the first two years is often tedious, Caring For Your Baby’s Bodily Needs – Part Two Articles sometimes fun, but it’s also a chance to get to know your baby. In this article you will find practical ways to take good care of your baby — and enjoy it.

Cord Care

The nurser or birth attendant usually removes the plastic clamp from your baby’s cord by twenty-four hours of age. In the first few days your baby’s cord maybe swollen and jelly-like. Over the next few days it begins to dry and shrivel up, usually falling off within two or three weeks. To prevent infection and enhance the drying of the cord, o around the base of the cord, getting into the crevice, with a cotton-tipped applicator dipped in alcohol, or whatever antiseptic solution your doctor recommends, at least three times a day or after most diaper changes. After the cord has completely fallen off, continue this cord hygiene for a few days more. It is normal to see a few drops of blood the cay the cord falls off.

If your baby’s cord has a pus like discharge and/or an increasingly offensive odor, visit your doctor, who may apply a silver-nitrate solution to help dry it out. A slight odor from the drying cord is normal, but a particularly putrid odor may be a sign that an infection is brewing and it’s time to step up the use of the antiseptic solution If the skin around the drying cord looks normal and is not inflamed, there is seldom any reason for concern. A sign of infection for which you should call your doctor is a red, hot, swollen, and tender area the size of a half-dollar around the base of the cord.

To avoid irritating the cord, do not cover the cord area with a diaper or plastic pants, and, if using disposable diapers, be especially careful to fold the irritating plastic away from the cord area. Whether or not it is safe to immerse baby in a bath until the cord falls off is controversial. Some physicians feel getting the cord wet increases the risk of infection; some do not. If there is pus draining at the base of the cord, it would be unwise to immerse baby in a bath for fear of contaminating the water and spreading infection. In this case sponge bathe baby until the cord falls off and the stump is well healed.

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