The Baby Wearing Father — Becoming a Shareholder

It is important that a baby get used to father’s handling too. Father has a different rhythm to his walk, Baby Wearing: The Art and Science of Carrying Your Baby – Part Two Articles a difference that baby learns to appreciate. The snuggle hold and neck nestle are favorite wearing positions for father.

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The neck nestle. Place the bay in the snuggle position and lift him up a bit until his head nestles into the curve of your neck. You will have found one of the most comforting and calming holding patterns. In the neck nestle dad has a slight edge over mom. Babies hear not only through their ears but also through the vibration of their skull bones. By placing baby’s head against your voice box, in the front of your neck, and humming and singing to your baby, the slower, more easily felt vibrations of the lower-pitched male voice often lull baby right to sleep. As you rock and walk with your baby, sing a calming song such as “Old Man River.”

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Another attraction to the neck nestle is that baby feels the warming air from your nose on her scalp. (Experienced mothers have long known that sometimes just breathing onto baby’s head or face will calm her. They call this “magic breath.”) Babies enjoy the neck nestle more than any of the other holding patterns, and fathers will too. Dads, becoming a shareholder in the family art of baby wearing.

The Warm Fuzzy. For a uniquely male variation of the snuggle hold, place baby’s ear over your heart — bare skin to bare skin. The combination of the rhythm of your heartbeat and movement of your chest, plus the feel of abdominal breathing and the rhythm of your walk, introduce baby to the uniqueness of being worn by dad. If baby falls asleep during the warm fuzzy &as usually happens), lie down with your baby and drift off to sleep together (see “Wearing Down to Sleep.”)

For a father to be comfortable wearing his baby and a baby to respond to dad’s baby wearing techniques are real bonuses for mothers of high-need babies. It helps prevent mother burnout. Here is a common scenario of a mother of a high-need baby.

By Haadi