All of them help in fat burning, cardio, better running, etc. Apple Fitness+ also brought the feature like a burn bar that will display the amount of calories burnt if the user exercises with the same intensity as that of the trainer. Then there are animated activity rings that glow and animate after the user finishes the exercise. It indicates achievements and celebrates the same. Hence, Apple Fitness+ works like one of the best companions of the user during the workouts.

Flexible Workout Timing

There are instances when the user may feel that these workouts are a huge commitment and a real tough nut to crack. Hence, going for a prolonged period may let them lose energy and motivation. Also, the user may feel that there are some equipment requirements to accomplish some of the exercises. Apple Fitness+ understands the issue and resolves it for the users with great comfort. Apple Fitness+ enhances the flexibility of the user for working out anywhere and at any time. So, one can be at the office, sitting in the cubicle, and is not going for lunch. The one thing that one has to do is take on the curtain and switch to the Apple Fitness+. Apple Fitness+ understands that all the users cannot have a set of dumbbells or a treadmill. So, the formulation of the workouts keeps the same in mind. Even to boost the initial practitioners, there is a graded-range set of workout timings with substantial increments.

Fitness Tunes

Believe it or not, but the main theme of the Apple Fitness+ is solely music. Hence, a different vibe would get created during exercise time. There are nine styles of music present in the Apple Fitness+:

  • Latin Grooves
  • Hip Hop/R&B
  • Top Country
  • Upbeat Anthems
  • Chill Vibes

Apart from these, there are the latest and throwback hits available. Apple Fitness+ is smart enough to add filters that ensure the perfect workout to comply with the user’s mood. The best part of listening to music during the exercise is that there is no need for an Apple Music subscription. But for those who seek customization in terms of music (say, one favorite music or entire playlist) or want to add any of the music from Fitness+ in the Apple music library, then the case is different.


The privacy of the user is of the utmost concern. Apple Fitness+ complies with data privacy. It tries to maintain high-security standards and letting the user take control of information flow. Hence, the entire Apple Fitness workout recommendations come up with on-device intelligence. As a result, all workout data save into the Apple-based health app on the user’s iPhone and do not go into the server or public domain.

By Haadi