Acrylic Trays: Tips for Using Them in Retail Stores


Acrylic trays are the kind of display fixture that nobody gives a second thought to, but they’re everywhere. Retailers give a lot of thought to them, because they can be the perfect fixture to display all kinds of merchandise. Whether you run a bakery, a convenience store, a jewelry shop, or some other kind of retail store, you’ll find that acrylic trays are exactly the merchandising tool your business needs.

If you’re thinking about getting an acrylic tray display for your retail business, here are some tips for doing that.

Acrylic trays are great for food.

Acrylic trays have smooth, easy to clean surfaces, which makes them ideal for food display cases. They’re perfect for donut cases, bagel bins, and bakery display units. You can also get hanging acrylic trays, baskets, racks or bins where you can display pre-wrapped food. It’s a great way to showcase your pre-wrapped sweets such as candy bars or baked goods. You can even line your freezer case with sturdy acrylic trays and show off everything from frozen pies to TV dinners. You can get divided acrylic trays to display different flavors of the same thing, such as cake mixes, fruits, or chips. If you run a video or book store, put your acrylic trays at the cash register, to remind your customers how nice it would be to sip a soda or snack on cookies as they enjoy their purchase.


Invest in a slatwall.

A slatwall is a panel with grooves cut into it, used for hanging display items such as shelves, acrylic trays, baskets, bins, racks, or anything else that retail merchandisers need. Slatwalls are helpful because while the wall usually stays stationary, the accessories, including acrylic trays, can be moved and rearranged depending on your need at the time. A one-time purchase of a slatwall gives you hundreds of options for displaying your merchandise that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Keep a variety on hand.

There are dozens of kinds of different acrylic trays that you can plug into a slatwall. Some trays are almost completely flat, like acrylic shelves with just a few centimeters raised at the ends, to keep merchandise from falling off. Others are deep, more like acrylic bins than true acrylic trays. Some trays are designed with dividers, and you can buy them in varying lengths, from one compartment to five or more. This helps keep your merchandise organized and displayed neatly. And you never know when you’ll need to do something different with your clear acrylic trays, so it’s a good idea to keep several of each design on hand.

By Haadi