Paintball is a great game for getting a lot of exercise,
challenging yourself and having fun. But as a newbie, you may
find yourself embarrassed because you don’t know the rules, or
intimidated by more experienced players. You may be hesitant to
go out and play your first game because you’re not sure what to
expect. If you do some research first, you will quickly find that
the information you need to feel a lot more comfortable and a lot
less like a newbie is easily found, especially online.

But first a note of warning for all newbies…

Paintball is Not a War Game!

Many people mistakenly believe that paintball is a “war game.”
However, it’s really more like hide-and-seek, with the marking of
the opposing team being the way to tag the person out. This is
especially true of recball, woodsball, jungle paintball and
scenario games. It is advised that you do not refer to the
opposing team as “the enemy” or a mark as a “kill”! Some
communities have shut down paintball because players engaged in
“war” talk during and after a game.

How to Quickly and Easily Find Useful Information About Paintball

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1. Research the Internet

The World Wide Web contains a vast storehouse of information on
paintball. To make the best use of the Internet, search Google or
Yahoo for specific paintball terms like “woodsball tactics,”
instead of the general term “paintball.” Look for sites that list
paintball rules and offer hints, tips, tactics and strategy. You
can also check out sites that review paintball equipment, but
beware: a newbie doesn’t need an expensive paintball gun to get
started. Many of the expensive guns don’t work any better than a
good newbie gun. This is what the paintball players who wrote
“Paintball Heroes” say, “If you’re a newbie, buy a good quality
semi-automatic gun, but don’t spend a fortune on it. And for
goodness sake, learn how to clean it, load it, take it apart, and
put it back together again…in your sleep!”

By Haadi