As a homeowner, you need to know how to identify roof damage, whether your house has been through a severe storm or a little more than a few years old. There are many tried and true ways to identify roof damage, so this guide explains them all.

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How to identify roof damage

Roof damage can be incredibly obvious, such as when a tree falls on your roof, water enters your living space, or you see a pile of clapboard in your front yard.

But at other times it is more insidious. You might not even know that your roof is damaged until you know what to look for. Householders should be on the lookout for signs of damage to these roofs, which can help prevent a problem before it gets out of hand:

Bald spots
Holes or spots on the roof or fascia
Rusted gutters with leaky seams
Sloping chimneys
Moisture or stains in the attic

Rising electricity bill

Let’s take a closer look at each panel so that you can quickly identify the damage to the roof.

Bald spots

If you have asphalt shingles, look for areas that appear bare; This is where the grain came out. Since this shrapnel are meant to protect all components of the roof, looking at the bare spots means that if your roof is not yet damaged, it will happen soon.

# 2. Holes or spots on the roof or fascia

Soffit and fascia: planks under your roof (you can see them if you are standing under the edge of the roof and see above) and boards that are under your roof (you can see them with cotton), respectively, not damaged. Should it be stained or if this is the case, it is an indication that water is accumulating in the wrong places and will damage the roof over time.

# 3. Rusted gutters with leaky seams

Water should flow from your drain like a stream, but if it stops and freezes somewhere, rust can occur. Gutters with leaked gaskets may indicate that debris has accumulated for a very long time. Any of these symptoms mean that water can seep into the roofing material, causing structural damage.

# 4. Sloping chimneys

The chimney of your house should be straight and the flashing should be in good condition; Otherwise, the roof of your house may get damaged. Chimneys are installed separately from homes, which includes inherent risks. You will usually see these warning signs above the ground and if you see them, you should schedule a free roof inspection as soon as possible to protect your roofing material from damage.

# 5. Moisture or stains in the attic

If your home roof ventilation system is working accurately, your home attic will be parched. Must be able to circulate air freely in the attic and if not, you may see other symptoms such as:

By Haadi