Keyword development is the foundation of any online business or organization that strives to establish and maintain a reasonably high internet presence. Quite literally the only way to be found online is through the web searches people conduct. Keyword popularity,5 Basis Components of Keyword Development Articles use and relevancy are what eventually lead people to any site or content. The selection and placement of the correct words within these sites or content is therefore vital in order to appear in any search results. Obviously the development of an effective keyword list is critical in order for a site owner or content developer to maintain a noticeable profile online.

Here are 5 important components that are involved in the development of an effective keyword list.

Research Tool

The first step in developing a keyword list is to research those words or phrases that are the most relevant for your purposes. It is usually a good idea to brainstorm a list of words through your own ideas and that of others to start out. Taking the ideas you have compiled it is recommended you then plug them into a keyword research tool. Such a tool will offer you further suggestions of applicable words and phrases you can use. The use of this tool will be invaluable to you whenever you are putting together or updating a list of keywords.

Keyword Specific

As you ‘fine tune’ your list what you want to do is to develop phrases that are much more specified than the generalities associated with using just one or two words. For instance car dealerships can be pretty general since it does not specify a location or the type cars the dealership has in stock. When you ‘target’ BMW dealerships in Chicago you have now better defined your target audience. Any web searches will now send traffic of only those people with an interest in the particular make of vehicle in the location that is specified.

Search Results

The list you compile should be done so with a consideration towards their popularity. The words or phrases you select should reflect a healthy amount of searches being conducted on them. Here again your keyword research tool will serve you well in supplying both monthly and annual estimates on the number of searches done on selected words or phrases.


Always use only words that are relevant to what it is you are representing. To do otherwise will only be a waste of time and effort for both you and the people who search on these words.

Content Development

The need for a keyword list is because you want to optimize any content you may be using online for better exposure. What you will want your properly optimized content to do is serve a useful purpose for the people who find it. Since this will be your ‘initial’ contact with these people you will want this same content to serve as an ‘introduction’ of sorts to what it is you are representing. Ultimately if what you have compose consists of quality information people will want to also link to it for future reference

Keyword development is an ongoing and vital necessity of any business or organization that needs to maintain a strong online presence. The primary means in which to be found or discovered on the internet is through web searches people co

By Haadi